Does C.T.S. Waterjet, LLC have a minimum charge for their waterjet services?

 No.  We quote all jobs on a per job basis.  This price generally includes the material, as well as, the programming and run time.  If the customer wants to supply the material, that is fine as well.  We are always willing to work with our  customers to provide competitive pricing to meet or exceed their demands.

 How does pricing work at C.T.S. Waterjet, LLC?

 Here at C.T.S. Waterjet, LLC, we charge for design time based on the type of artwork given.  dxf. files require  less design time then a drawing on a piece of paper.  Material cost is determined if the  customer  wants us to provide the material.  We have an excellent relationship with our  supplier to provide pricing that is sometimes less than our customers are quoted.  Waterjet  time is based on the time it takes to cut the parts.  Please feel free to contact us at: for your specific pricing needs for your project.

Waterjet Pricing