C.T.S. Waterjet, LLC using the Omax 55100 to custom cut 2" foam insulation panels.  This process uses no garnet and cuts with water only!

C.T.S. Waterjet, LLC using the Omax 55100 to cut through 3" aluminum block to make parts.  Video starts with piercing process.

C.T.S. Waterjet, LLC using the Omax  55100 waterjet cutting machine to cut 3/4" plywood.  Look at the speed at which it cuts!   Why use a saw.....

C.T.S. Waterjet, LLC using the Omax 55100 waterjet cutting machine to cut 1" stainless steel. Here we cut out the centers for final production.

C.T.S. Waterjet, LLC using the Omax 55100 waterjet cutting machine to cut .125" stainless steel rings, nested together.

C.T.S. Waterjet, LLC using the Omax 55100 waterjet cutting machine to cut 1" steel with tilt-a-jet

Some Of Our YouTube Videos

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